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Experiment vs Experience

Often people who discusses with me says that, by that reason, I didn’t come up very well. The other person is the reason, where I didn’t show up my skills., somebody done a politics on my career., that’s why I become very low.

In some cases I got the other end versions also, they use to say, I tried for him, he didn’t respond well. I defended and support him well, he become lazy to take up that.

Even I have the versions like, he can’t think well, he don’t calculate the risks or he is too clever, smart and cunning. But overall, what we are doing is we are wasting time by thinking about others that what they are thinking about us. We are not living, we are just being there physically but mentally we are expecting our colleagues, friends, relatives, spouses, daughter, son to tell something about us. So that we can analyse about themselves rather than we need to do things ourselves. I could say stop wasting time, but sometimes feedback are necessary that shows how we are doing.

But don’t think too much about what other people thinking., Sometime I had an issues with troubleshooting. I tried much and I can’t resolve it properly. Then I asked one of my senior who asked me to do the checks which I don’t know. Immediately, it got resolved. For some days, I might thought my senior done some magic. In reality he didn’t, he just explained with his experience. By gaining others experience can help us in many ways rather than experimenting. If none knows the way of working then, it is quite good that, we can experiment and document the process.

If somebody did that already, I need to request them to get the vault of knowledge, which is not secret anymore to us atleast. Most problems can be resolved by talking to others. I used to hear a lot, help a lot now I am sharing my experiences, technologies, the way of working, scenarios which they might expect, mitigation process, which I already gained the knowledge from others. There is a say about experimenting that is, if you are gained the knowledge from experimenting than it will there in your mind forever. But keen attention to the teacher, mentor, guide, the guy who explaining the process/work also should be in mind forever, where I got the knowledge and I am keep on sharing with the various technologies. With this I am very grateful to get their attention to grab the immense of knowledge from others.

I did this, I keep on giving the challenges which I am driving, I used to ask their suggestions, opinions, make them comfortable, providing them a joyful environment, having coffee with them, cafeterias, wherever I want,. sometimes I had this tips and tricks in middle of the meeting. I again insist that I am very grateful to have such mentor-ship, friends, colleagues, people whom I know them for years, instant friends etc., Instead of start experimenting the things, start learning in new way called with the experience of others.

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