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Kabali daaw! Neruppu Daaw!

I don’t know something happen, if you say Rajini. If somebody says I am big fan of Rajini, the other person usually says I am big fan then you.

Person 1: What did you do for Rajini?
Person 2: I had haircut like Rajini and bought cooling glass which he had in Annamalai.
P1: Oh thats it! Do you Know what is this? This is the same Kerchief which Rajini used for Baasha while he riding Auto. This is the cloth he wears around neck when he came as a Don.
P2: Oh thats it? I am member of Rajini Fan association and got the tickets for the first day first show.
P1: I am the person who brought the ticket from you and saw that show.
P2: I poured the milk, stick the posters, given notebooks in his name.
P1: I am the person, who around him, try enter in to the movie sets., went to Airport and Malaysia to see him.
P2: Oh isn’t it? I am the person who went to temple done the archana for his speedy recovery when he was hospitalized and went to Tirupathi with bare foots.
P1:  I know Pa. Ranjith
P2: I know Sathyanarayana

This argument continues if you see the two fans are fighting.

Branding Kabali

Silver coin
Kabali T-shirt
Air Asia – Kabali Flight (Even they providing Kabali menu)
Kabali Card
Mobile phone covers and Coffee cups

Kabali daaw! Neruppu daaw! is the buzz word., which turns the world upside down. Citibank introduced Kabali card. Points if you booked the tickets related to Kabali movie. Air Asia went one step ahead and put Kabali poster on the plane. Muthoot releasing Silver coins in the name of Kabali. Other big brands like Amazon, Emami, Cadbury’s, Airtel involving in celebration of Kabali. Hollywood movie like IceAge giving promotion and tribute to our thalaivar.

After Baasha, I am seeing this Fan craze and cashing in celebration especially in South India for Rajini. Even before movie released, there is such interesting and we have all the eyes on screen for Rajini.

I remember one of my friend went to Albert theater in Chennai, to see Baasha movie, in first week. He got third class ticket for two thousand rupees, even today its a huge amount for seeing the movie. With all expectations, we wish Kabali movie super duper hit!!!

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