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8 movies to improve your speech

Title says it all, to fight the nervousness, improving your communication and public speaking, I recommend you to see the following movies., I took these movies on the basis of speaking techniques like Demosthenes handled, love of English language, usage of rhetorical devices, style of speaking etc., If you see the movies you can understand why I recommend these movies to improve our communication.

8. Akeelah and the Bee

This movie provided confidence to speak and inner talent in us, how to nurture it. How to develop the skills, techniques etc., Apart from those it tell about the spelling bee competition, friendship, encouragement and courage of little girl. We are all little people didn’t we?
7. The Great Dictator – Charlie Chaplin

The other leader who misunderstood him as a Fuhrer but what he delivers which shook the world. Emotions, happenings among us WWII which made the world upside down. This part of the movie shows how to bring your emotions in your speech, which makes you more contemporary. I put the video from youtube which you may want that particular scene from that movie.
6. My fair lady

This movie may released on 60’s but, still teaching language to many of us. This movie tells about, how poor girl who selling flowers on road, improved her language. Also her father strikes gold by using words in rhyme. See the whole movie, then you can understand why I recommended this.

5. Maid in Manhattan

In this famous J’Lo movie above particular scene, how elegantly he shows his wisdom. Also senatorial candidate give tips for giving public speech to J’Lo’s son, which admirable one. 
4. Public speaking

Apparently bold movie/documentary around, Fran Lebowitz, movie is about the hotel and biography of writer & speaker Fran Lebowitz. Her open-minded, wit talks, outspoken character didn’t stop us to fall in love in her speeches. Director Martin Scorsese, did a wonderful job, by taking her persona shows exactly what she is.
3. The Great debators

This movie is about absolutely public speaking. Climax ends with great speeches. Also shows, how the writer of speech flowing his emotions while he attended his failures, overcoming of those etc., There is a piece of history like Black people rights, Gandhi, Lynching at Texas, etc., This is the most gripping I ever saw.
2. Rocket Science
This movie tells the story about Hal Huffner stutterer, joins with the girl for the debate competition. She leaves him to join in other school, this guy tries to enter the competition with the help of another senior in school. Speaking for him its a rocket science, he can’t do it well., but what he shows to audience is the perfect message., Try even you fail. This movie more than a Public speaking.
1. The King’s speech

We can’t end this countdown without this movie. In one scene, his daughter asks looking into Hitler’s speech. He says “I don’t know, but he seems to be saying rather well”. Admiring the enemy at the same time, his weakness of stammering shows in the one line. Australian doctor who tries to cure his stammering, methods he handling like Demosthenes, playing music and asking King to speak are wonderful methods.

Might be I missed many movies, I put these movies in countdown where I saw these movies are worth to take part in this. Hope you enjoyed my ratings.

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