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10 movie speeches which will amaze you

I created this ratings, upon my view I looked at movies. Most of the sports related movies are inspiring one, why we need to inspire from these speeches. Speech can be enjoyed, by the speaker adding story on it also. So my category and count down is different from the inspiring speeches, might be I can pull it in different post.

# 10 Rocky

Being you is mantra in this speech, Rocky Balboa persuading his son to becoming himself.

# 9 Scent of woman

I like this movie, its about friendship between teenage boy and old man. But in near climax what Al Pacino did is he given wonderful speech about friendship, values and respect. Oh! boy I like this one.

# 8 Remember the Titans

Somebody took this college football seriously. “Leave no doubt” where you get goosebumps.

# 7 The Shawshank redemption

I could say, Morgan Freeman has perfect voice in hollywood. He completes the entire sentence and carefully select the words., why we need to listen to this speech is all about the young man who missed his life for almost 40 years in prison.

# 6 Independence Day
This is most inspiring speech about military, survival and Independence day. Came up as stunning speech ever for science fiction movie.

# 5 The great debaters

This movie about shame to star, talks about Black rights etc., Denzel Washington’s Malcom X given him more enlightenment to take this movie. Final speech about lynching in texas., you already moved on this.

# 4 Forrest Gump

This speech move you in tears, whole movie in cut-short. One of the best Tom Hanks movie.,

# 3 The Pursuit of Happiness
Most of our best speeches we spoke on interviews., because its about you, you are going to speak. It always will be best if it is personal story. Will Smith you nailed it.
# 2 Any given sunday
You don’t need, baritone or soothing voice for giving speech. You need to have the power of negotiation. Again Al Pacino rocks this speech, inspiring young team to achieve their goals.
# 1 Julius Caeser
Anyone can do Marc Antony role, that could be only one Marlon Brando, two sentences I can say “Caesar is ambitious man” brutus told. “Brutus is an honorable man”. “Lend me your ears” These sentence made crowd to hear Marc Antony.


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