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Very near to city, outskirts!!! – Pt. 1

When one of the TV anchor says he grown up near to Chennai, which was an agricultural land. Myself I got the same memories. When we are juggling life in Chennai, took almost 5-6 homes for the sake of father’s job., we keep on moving to other houses. Getting friends in neighborhood, emotional last days in that area, become common in our life. Learning new things and traits, new schools, new policies, changed our lives upside down. Finally my father planned to buy a home, which is far away from city life at outskirts

He has the habit of loosing the lands for friends. He bought around 4 lands in and around Chennai, sacrificed for his friends. Even he built a home at outskirts which eventually got failed, due to betrayal from his friend. My mom hates those friends, even though he well settled in his job, our family didn’t settled in one home. At last he made a promise to buy a land, where he lost that built home. He purchased a land in outskirts, Maduravoyal in near 90’s. When he bought this land, he almost lost everything financially.

So, building home become challenge for him. He built small hut, it developed as a cottage. We had a mud floor, without basic facilities in that area. No power, no school around, new people, snakes as visitors, new neighborhood, odd roads, most of them are haunting. Slowly people started buying the lands and building it around. We had an opportunity to sell our part of land to one of our neighbor. With that amount, my father planned to built a home on it, finally we had cement flooring at home. With this our school got changed, we use to travel around 10 kilometers daily.

We had other issues externally. Rajiv Gandhi died in bomb blast. Since the case is at Tiruvallur district, they ran the case at Poonamallee court. Often strikes burst out near Karayanchavadi Jail. We use to walk often to school. Most of these memories are haunting. Some times there are rumors about terrorists. Some times we will get buses to school, while returning they will stop the buses. Those times we use to come home at night. We use to help blind school/college opposite to our school, by crossing the roads, leaving them at their place or bus stand. Helping them to buy in shops etc.,

Mom had other plans of sowing the seeds. Since its black fertile soil, it has its own plantation capacity.

To be continued..

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