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Road to success

Today, roads thought me a good lesson. Yesterday night I am unable to sleep for a long time. I am practicing speech, by the way my heartbeat is faster than I think. I took deep breathe, I still believe that exercise will make my heart beat slower, so that you can relax and sleep eventually. Normally I do that exercise after fourth time, I don’t remember when I completed it. Yesterday night is quiet different, it took around two hours. Nervousness, earlier in CC1 I didn’t got that upset. Because I well trained, before a week. This time speech I written instantaneously on yesterday and I am going to speak it today morning. I practiced for couple of time, it didn’t connected well. So while sleeping, I started organizing the speech again, added some points which I can able to give speech in polished way.

Today morning, I tried to book a cab through Ola & Uber. Nothing got worked out, I committed to speak today, I am not getting the cab. Usually I use to take my two wheeler, that got repaired.

Lesson 1: Try for alternatives
Apart from catching online cab, my wife tried to couple of autowallahs who staying nearby. The other autowallah agree to come our home and picked me up.

Lesson 2: Assuming things
When I got into Auto (Tuk-tuk) I thought our Autowallah know the route. When he went to the half-way he asked me do you know the route. I told him, I thought you were going in short cut. Then I told him the right route. When we came to the well known location. I even continue to tell the route that time too. He said, from here I know the route.

Lesson 3: External threats
You might read the SWOT analysis, you need to plan for internal and external pressures while you handling the projects. So, one need to plan when he is delivering important things, from external things like travelling and reaching to office in time. I never saw this much traffic in my entire life, because BEML gate, I waited around 30 minutes in auto at same location.

Lesson 4: Against all odds
After waiting in auto then I thought I should not wait for such long time. Instead I started walking, around 1.5 kms. Couple of Autowallah’s came near to me asking for unreal charges to go to office. Finally I got the Auto near HAL gate from that place to my office is around 3 kms. I am already tired, so I don’t want to take risk. All above I am already late for my speech. It is the kindness of our SAA, MC and other speaker. They helped me by waiting and the other speaker he given the message, before I came to office.

Lesson 5: Value from today
Might be today I had an adventure, might not give up. But what I learned is, if you have good contacts, you can get auto 🙂 If you want to be spend thrift, you can loose money. If you play your game smarter, you can get auto and reach the destination. Above all if you have good company with you, and they are believe in you that you do it. If you have commitment to fulfill it, you can deliver what you want.

I want to apologize to audience and organizers, for what happened today. But I didn’t do that. Its a bad conscience and so mean. Because they waited for around 45 minutes and adjusted the timings. They might know this, it took 3 hours to travel from my home to office today. I should have plan this earlier, but rain god blessed me like this.

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