Multiple Interest

Sun and Sea Pt10

Sorry for the long pause. I started writing where I left you guys. Ravi and Pandu become friends sooner. Why this friendship become stronger because of Ravi writing letters behalf of Pandu to Pandu’s family. Interestingly, Pandu is a soft guy, how he become violent as a Police man see psychologically., situations can bring your inner aggression exposed. It may be your softer side, or your explosive anger you can bring out. Pandu telling stories about Naren, as he thought Ravi in disguise can thought about Pandu is great.

But what Pandu doing is other way around. The whole kingdom of Naren, how he developed, soft points, his business, controlling this part of world, his connections with politics etc., Ravi started gathering the evidences against Naren. Nobody thought Ravi will start doing it. Because, anybody becoming the in-charge of that police station, automatically admired by Naren’s deeds. But somehow Ravi not interested on those thoughts. He didn’t like him, he started hating him, he is waiting for the charges to be proven.

He want to arrest Naren, put him back in the prison. He started dreaming that day will come soon. He needs more evidences, yes now he thought again about Pandu. Himself he went to see Pandu’s rented home. Some other bachelors are staying at that room. When he enquired about Pandu, no body given him right answer. He enquired at his village, then he shocked to know this, Pandu was killed by his own gang. Ravi, started thinking about the incidents happened around him. When he inquired detail, Naren gang thought, he is giving too much information about the gang, and they thought it is not safe. One of the gang member told to Ravi in disguise, that he is giving information to one of the police person.

Ravi, frustrated angry young man, want avenge the death of Pandu. Also worried about he is the reason for his death. With the collected evidence, he called for a meeting with his colleagues about his plans of arresting Naren. His colleagues told that, it could be an impossible task. Contd…


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