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Very near to city, outskirts!!! – Pt. 2

We started with sowing the agathi seeds, it grown as tree in some days, it grown and tried to reach the sky. We use to guide our friends by saying that we have agathi tree at home, once you enter in our area, its easily visible. Next is Jasmine, dry Jasmine, lemon, green leaves, mustard, tomato, murungai tree, talampoo, many of them started growing. We didn’t put single urea to grow these. Some times we had, peerakai creep, this area is famous for creeps, like pumpkin, potlakai are fastly grown.

In short term we are developing flora and fauna in our area. We don’t worry about curry, because vegetables are with us, even curry leaves we had in our garden. Later we had, mango tree, long lasting one, it gives the mango which the size is so huge, I never found at any place. It will be deep sour when at its best, it will be extreme sweet once it got fruit. I use to give these mangoes at school. Mother started growing thota koora leaves, she does the pickles from that, brinjal, ladies finger are added advantage to us.

I use to maintain the garden, by watering them., because we had well at home, so its easy for me to maintain them. I made a path in such a way, all the wasted water around, it will directly go to the garden. Those days we don’t separated our path ways., we believed in our neighborhood. Eventhough my friends and family hesitated to come to our house., stories around neighborhood is like daily novel for us. We almost had no power at our home. I use to study in kerosene lamps.

Sometimes my home filled with aunties. Laughing telling the jokes, sharing their dishes, if they are building home, we lend our support to complete their project. In this way I started understanding about our neighborhood. Also become an architect, giving plans to their building, funny ideas though, one have live in my shoes, which has loads of fun on those days. One day one of our neighbor, given money for the piece of work I did for her home. I stopped doing the help that day onwards. I did that work, because I thought they need help. I didn’t done it for money.

I use to cook in friend’s home, at holidays, I will be reaching to my friend home, her mom will ask his son to cook by evening. I use to give lot many ideas, like how to prepare a sambar without tamarind. Lemon rice without lemon, most drastic cuisines ever, we use to find the new ways of adjusting. But the half baked rice, no body ready to have it. Cricket played major role in our lives… Contd…

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