Multiple Interest

Sun and sea Pt11

Prakash came to Ravi’s house and tried to convince him about the case. Ravi told that he took the Pandu’s case seriously, so he tried to get the evidences. He got the valuable evidence that, Pandu working with Naren as a close aid. Also got another evidence last time he met Naren.

After Naren came into politics, to clear up the petty issues, his gang has their own leadership team. They use to run the show behalf of him. Even Naren didn’t know what they are doing. As far as his concern, everything to be legalized, crimes are to be lower, he is leaving the organized crime in this part of city. Ravi met Pandu’s family and told how he betrayed by Naren and they killed him. Ravi’s mother pledged that, she would avenge the death of her son and told that she will help her on filing FIR.

At evening, he got call from Prakash from his home. He crying himself and inconsolable. Ravi started immediately to home. Prakash’s and his house are next to each other. Prakash standing before Ravi’s house. Ambulance came into and other police men arrested Ravi for the charges of murdering his wife. He don’t understand what is happening. Next day at bench court, Prakash came to jail with Ravi’s daughter. Prakash explained him that, somebody put a case against him, telling that Ravi tortured his wife to death., her suicide become murder and results are unknown.

Ravi’s father came from his village to look after his son. Ravi in state of shock and cried a lot., he lost his wife and daughter become alone. He told Prakash to keep her daughter for a while so that he  can bring her often. The case run for 5 years., This time Naren’s gang almost vanished all the evidences. So called servant who complained against Ravi she withdraw her complaint. Ravi has changed a lot., Ravi got released from Jail. His guide and mentor now commissioner of police helped him to remove all the charges against him.

Prakash came with commissioner told that, on that day what happened is., some goondas enter Ravi’s house and to threatened Ravi’s wife to withdraw the case. Ravi’s child sleeping in the cradle, which she thought they might kidnap her child and ran to child. One of the person, hit her with the rod eventually she died. Gang got confused and lit up the fire on her in bedroom. Child got escaped after neighborhood enter the house. Gang cleaned up all the evidence and created the story with the servant that she had suicide. Contd…


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