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Special category status – Seemandra issue

Recently this is an buzz word in Seemandra region. Special category status for Seemandhra., if it is for Andhra Pradesh region why not for Telengana region. Once the bifurcation has happened, new state has been created. Hyderabad made as capital city for both states. But, Chandra Babu announced Amaravathi as their new capital. Also we are here to discuss about the Special category status announced by Manmohan Singh ex-Prime Minister of India.

What are the states as of now enjoying the special status?

Jammu-Kashmir, Nagaland, Assam, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand and other North-eastern states. There are 11 states currently enjoying the Special category status.

How special category status provided?

If states having issue with their boundary issues with neighboring countries (ex. Jammu & Kashmir), having hilly regions and tribals, lesser population, non-viable income to state and infrastructure less states can sought for special status.

Why Andhra Pradesh needs Special Status Category?

Since bi-furcation both states Telengana and Seemandhra asked for the special status. About Andhra Pradesh, even though it is older than Telengana, it lost its capital to newly born state. Since it has complexities like Hyderabad surrounded with Telengana state, its administration like Police department went to Telengana. So, Andhra Pradesh planned to built new capital and the plan unvieled by honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Currently AP administration running through Guntur and Vijayawada until Amaravathi Phase I built.

Even though Andhra Pradesh has good revenue generation in last year, it earned about 2015-16 90,000 crores. It earned it from land registration, sales tax, professional tax etc., watchdog advised that, this revenue generation due to the recent bifurcation, it may be lower in coming years. But, for building the new capital city, will this income will suffice or will it sufficient to create the new jobs and give salaries and pensions to the state employers or will it satisfy the needs of infrastructure in the current state.
Smart cities are built upon with their own capabilities, Rayalaseema with their minerals, Tirupathi with the temple income, Kakinada with its KG basin gas etc.,But to woo the investors it required proper water, power, infrastructure supply to these cities. Andhra Pradesh calculated around 2.7 lakh crores rupees to be provided to build the new city and infrastructure to the smart cities and give the additional credit to agriculture. Since Andhra Pradesh gives its support to the NITI Aayog, will the sufficient amount given to this state for 5 years.
Or experts gives their Ideas to provide the special status instead of Special category status by relaxing the central taxes on major products like Petroleum, export products, etc., because about 40% tax generation will reach to Central., if these taxes are relaxed, Is that proper plan planned by Central government or it will wait for state to decide on its own pattern. Lets see what will happen in coming days.

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