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Blast from the past!!!

When I worked in News website 2007-2008, it is the golden period of updating myself with worldly matters. I worked with the website which covers India, Australia, Newzealand and Srilanka. Diaspora and world news are added glitters into that.

In Newzealand, crime rate is very low because of Media, every petty crimes will be published in newspapers. For example, “A person slapped still not found”. This news will be there for month atleast, until the slapped person surrendered himself.

Australia always wonders me, their politicians are down to earth, their citizens have more power than their politicians. Law makers always abide to citizens, respect their opinions. No wonder Australian ex-PM got defeated in ICC president poll with local politician from India.

Srilankan news are very different, either there will be more news per-day or no news per week.

Coming back to India, India got dominated by bollywood, cricket and politics. Most of our inspirations comes from TV stars, movie stars, celebrities, religious leaders, cricketers and politicians. In my era Sachin is god, Priyanka is still beauty, Dhoni’s Helicopter shot is better than Ponting’s hook shot. Amar Singh is true chanakya. Shahrukh Khan is badshah of bollywood. Sanjay Leela Bhansali is the best movie director in India. T20 is the most buzz word.

Talking about APAC, China & Taiwan always in news most of them are political news. Thailand and Afghanistan often shown in their headlines. Pakistan’s political news. Singapore & Malaysia’s talk shows or their peppy shows entertain the visitors. Nepal, Bhutan, Burma & Tibet shows their respect to the people and their religion. Philippines’ strong leadership and often storms affect their country. What did Japan invented today?

Talking about Diaspora, what our people doing in foreign countries, for India its our NRIs, what are the important position they are holding in their region, what temple built, community services, restaurants and food, bollywood in other countries which made in Diaspora columns at most.

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