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Pa ra rum pam pam Christmas

Generally I respect humanity more than religion. More than Christianity I love to follow Hindu religion. Because Hinduism ideologies are more close to my heart as an Individual. People we talk, when we gather friends around I never feel that I am alone, in the ocean of human beings.

Day before yesterday, my friend called me for Christmas celebrations. Having friendship bond with him, without the second thought I said yes. Yesterday evening we started from our place, when we hit on the road and waiting for signals, I saw Bangalore in mood of Christmas already.. hoardings, leaders wishes, offers on Christmas and new year posted almost everywhere.

We reached to the hall, carols, bible reading, prayers, speeches sent back me to the time line around 13 years ago. There are many changes in church. Earlier we should not dance, in church hall we should not talk to opposite gender, dramas will be restricted only to kids. Church now accepted saastriya sangeetha, I believe hindustani or carnatic will be part of our Indian churches. I bet they still can do better with matured ideas.

Overall celebrations completed with dinner (lunch as they mentioned). Vikas Paul, my friend get me into this celebrations. His relatives/friends become my friends at end of the proceedings. “They will call him as Immanuel” (Immanuel means God with us).

Happy Christmas to all my Christian friends.

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