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Every year, I have an habit of loading lots of books in Good reads on To-be read section. Last year I was over-smartly entered 150 books. But I am able to read only 20 books. This year I don’t want to enter that challenge. I see myself entering in Facebook or any other social media occupied in that. True revelations of my self is often watching videos, updates etc.,
Calculating these times in one day its a day wasted for me. Reading book initially requires lots of patience, once you involved in a book, it takes you to the different world. Some time novel turned movies can’t give that feeling. The feel which you read in the book, brings the character in front of your eyes.
Good books are story tellers. Many of highly rated books are story tellers, more than career oriented, soft skill development, technical, inspiring books, stories capture the audience more than these genre. Initially I was asked by my friends, which is your type of book. I don’t have the types and fixing with one type of book, but yes, mystery; thrilling will attract me most. Harry Potter series, Amish’s Immortals of Meluha, Secret of Nagas, Dan brown’s Da Vinci code to Inferno are my favorites.
Next my favorites are Chetan Bhagat’s books, it is contemporary, you can relate your daily life with his books. Such an amazing feeling and bringing characters alive, he mastered in that skill for sure. Why I like book series is, you know the most of characters very well, you need not to create most of the characters traits, how they will react etc., Our brain already captured those things, could be that is the reason I like most of the series books.
This time I am planning to cover the last year goals.

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