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One day my wife is so angry, because, I didn’t came to home for past 4-5 days I am so busy in work. When I came to home, she started scolding me, even my parents are agreeing it. When I came to know I am cornered, she went on with her anger. I called her, near to desktop, when she arrives, I showed her favorite actor’s movie trailer, she is still pretending that she is angry on me. Then I showed the tickets for that recently released movie.

She blushed and told me, hey you didn’t told me that, you got the ticket. By the way, the movie, its not still great, to escape the situation I did this. She replied me, you know something, you know how to prioritize things.

Didn’t I got the talent or skill of planning, executing, prioritizing things inbuilt. I always this habit, due to my memory issues, I often forget things very quickly, only my dearest friends knows that, now its you. This is where I learnt prioritize things, whatever its huge or critical I started doing that first and completing the things. So, that small issues can wait for a moment than we can do the things.

I had a habit of playing, candy crush on morning, seriously I believed that will make your brain faster & sharper. But it didn’t helped me to go to next level. I mean in Candy crush! My ex-boss use to say, family first, give importance to family. But once he given a job or file to me, complete this immediately, stretch how much you want to complete. Rockstar like me always, prioritize the things, what boss said it first.

Treating all the work equally could be good, if you are in monotonous job., If you are multi-task worker, think about this, prioritizing things is a major challenge. To compete this challenge, grouping them in-to different tasks, analyzing, giving 5 minutes to check all the tasks and aligning it, mostly it will not take a more than 5 minutes. I am starting doing morning planning in 30 minutes, I will write down all the works I have, I will complete it and give a pat myself once it’s done.

Doing this, I still have time for getting good husband award, by doing gardening, helping her in kitchen, having small talks to her, even though its time wasting, I still believe this could bring huge change in your life.

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