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I am speaking – 1

I am getting irritated, sometimes its funny. When the people
don’t have updated information handy, what their talks are useless, baseless
also its confusing others. Many of us might be came across these situations.
Could be some of the readers also victim of this dilemma.
When the so called contemporary ideas or futuristic ideas
revealed by scientists/philosophers some of them are really appreciated,
confused and we think its not worthful. I saw the movie a decade ago, where
Sonu Nigam acted and I believe thats his first movie. In one of the scene, he
repeats other person dialogue., what difference it will make if you have the
same opinion of others at the same time and at same place. Instead of agreeing
the opinion, you become stereotypic. This might have called as pattern which is
followed by others and symphony not struggled too much. But the same song
repeated for next time, which got the feeling of irritation, followed by the
same singer and same pattern, definetely thats a flop show.
I still remember when I heard about the movie called
Kadhalan, when it got released, song got huge response that is ‘Muqabla’ this
song has been repeated twice or thrice by the audience request, theatre owners
find hard time to maintain show timings in that era. This is successful
repitition. There are some opinions carried over, which might belongs to their
beliefs, people, society etc., Some times to prove it, they might manipulate
the stories to prove that their opinions are right. There will be no nerve to
bring out the truth, one of the great person told that, “if I could understand
something, it will be easier for me to describe, if I am unable to understand,
oh! that is useless.” One of my friend says this, that product looks good but
its not good actually. Because that could be costlier for him, so what he done
is he ignored that product life long, instead of trying to get it.

I am not a good judge, but I understand the people feelings,
why they went in to that situation, what made them to do the things. Generally,
people will always follow through the principles, they speak process and
everything. But in reality, they fail to accept the facts. The problem could be
mindset as I said earlier about society, the people around could make the hasty
decisions, even though they didn’t liked it….

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