Multiple Interest

Camera cap

Will you be a photographer for the day!!! Nearly 300 individuals, large meeting has been arranged, people who came to this meeting are shining stars in their field, some of them are from Business schools, they are with large profiles, still I have enthusiasm to take a pictures. 

Thambi, steady! When I applied for bus pass in 4th, photographer from Maduravoyal, told me to sit straight in a bench. He adjusted camera and lights to my height, course I am little shorty. I didn’t liked the output of photo, but my mom told, “sir you have taken wonderful photo” to the photographer. I stood opposite to the mirror and asked myself am I looking like this with that passport size photo. Another day my Dad, got a camera, with the reel remained, took a photos with all the neighbours we children nearly 15-20 people gathered to take a photo. Only three negatives in that camera, but my father forgot to remove the Camera cap, finally only one negative remained, we are all gathered again and took a photograph.
Another day, when my brother got engaged and got married, my Pedanaana given me the camera, which is brand new, I was amazed that I have camera in my hand, so I can take photographs in any angle, sometime I like a photographer who takes a photo of actors and actresses. A full of immense joy took me to the another world. When we given negatives to one of our relative who is a photographer himself, he said, negatives are not clear. I am ashamed, because my brother’s big day went through in that negatives.
When I said I am going to Chennai for a business trip from Kakinada, my friend gave a digital camera, that is the first Digital camera, I handled. With the clarity, zooming capacity what a wonders it did, I captured my Aunt-Uncles home, their flowers etc., Once I got interest with SLRs and DSLRs that got vain due to the clarity pictures from mobile. Then my ex-boss who has much interest in Photography, he given the guidance of starting photography with the micro-photography. With that, I have the trait of taking the pictures without artificial light, I am fan of Aperture after that, understanding, how you bring the natural light in the camera, natural brightness, adjusting the lens, Shutter-speed, zooming and correcting, with some basic techniques.
Our club President said, you have to take 200 photos, then only we can filter 20 photos from that, you should have taken 500 photos. There is an announcement came, we would like to felicitate volunteers too, after the couple of names, After couple of names, from dais my name came too.

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