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Jonathan, your friend is leaving what will you do? Now that guy left, next is you right? How will you come to office hereafter? There are many questions I got for past one week.

In 2009, I came to Bangalore to earn a lot of money. You know very well, you can’t get it very easy. I am not exception, I fall under the same above category. New guy joining in our team. Our Sr. Engineer said, yes we need extra resource. The other next day, the guy came in hippee look, with long hair, resembling Dhoni, with a barritone voice. He introduced himself.

I faced the challenges in communicating others, I am with little Kannada, thanks to Bus conductors and Auto wallahs, who taught me the swalpa Kannada. I know languages like Tamil and Telugu. I thought with these I can’t able to survive easier in Bangalore. My favourite word is ‘Gothillaa’ (I don’t know). The person who joined newly to our team, transferred from internal team. He knows Kannada, English importantly Tamil and Telugu. Mahishmati Oopiri peelchuko!!! Finally I know somebody, whom I can share the things in the regional language.

Yes regional language does the magic. He can dance, shout, had a sound technical knowledge on almost everything. I learned the traits like giving value to each and every individual he met, also being friendly even to his enemies, these kind of values only friends can teach you. I worked with him for only one year as contractor. He came to Chennai, then I come to know, how valuable person he is! His knowledge on stage drama, handling customers, technology etc., Not only that, whatever he want to know, he will try to experience that and become master of it. Myself I will be irritated and give it to the experienced person who already have knowledge on the field.

Yes it will irritate others by knowing from him in detailed, how he derived the point. But sometimes, I am like small child hearing all these things interestingly as if I went through, what he gone through. Again I came back to Bangalore, no wonder he went to another team, joined back the team where we are all worked together. His skills of capturing the minds, love for Kannada, handling the people, trusting the people, often he sacrifice lot to complete the things. Myself I personally experienced in Kannada Rajyotsava, events, projects etc., The confident he had, management easily believe on his words. I don’t know myself I can able to tell about myself to others or not., but I am proud of being a friend of him. Its been around 8 years we are friends, still we continue to crack jokes, laugh louder, the stature we maintain in cafeterias, I don’t know will we can create that magic again.

Coming back to answering above questions, I don’t know, he went but I believe I will continue what I am doing currently. Umesh is Umesh, no one can replace him, the place is for him and ever. I am commuting by two wheeler, same way I will come to office. I believe my friend too want me to do the same either.

All the best Umeshaa!!! Finally Nanbenda!!!!

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