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Sachin Billion Dreams

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First time I heard about Sachin, when I am in school days!!!
I didn’t remember did our friends talking about Vinod Kambli or Sachin
Tendulkar. I didn’t seen much of cricket in Sachin’s earlier days. ’96 world
cup, where all started. I am big fan of Kapil Dev, because of his
advertisements and the world record of 434 wickets. Always India required a
sensation like Kapil Dev and Superstar around.
Sachin I saw him in 96 world cup, everybody delighted to see
Sachin batting, I saw wizard of batting Brian Lara too, what a wonderful to see
both the batsmen on their peak. I saw the complete innings of 137 against
Srilanka in a league match after that, Semi-finals and our heart broken. I saw ups
and downs of Indian cricket team, but not missed to say “Is Sachin still on
crease?” “How much Sachin scored today?” Buying the posters, practicing the
legend’s signature, Style of ‘T’ we followed regularly. What happened in
Sharjah, my family members slept, thought India will lose, but for me still
Sachin is there, there he goes played a wonderful innings. On morning, I am
discussing with friends and family how he strongly stood against the storm. On
Finals again he did the magic and India won the series. Later we are not
available with the TV, soon had the radio.
In 1999 One Sunday we are back from mass, heard the radio
commentary, Sachin is batting one of the test match, India had a strong hold
because Sachin is still in crease. But blow which made India to lose. Even
though India lose, we had a cry Despite of Sachin’s innings why India need to
lose. As a captain against Australia he had a great record., sometimes, he left
his legacy for the new comers like Saurav, Laxman, Dravid later for Sehwag,
Dhoni & Yuvraj.

He is a champion cricketer in ODIs but Test cricket is not
his cup of tea. But he proved in that area too. His dream of capturing the
world cup came true, our dream is to see the great Sachin Tendulkar playing his
innings came true.

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