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Miracle plants – Madhumalti

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Long time ago I decided to combat my father’s diabetes in
the natural way. He had a belief with English medicines and also started taking
own medicines whichever available in medical shop. Multi vitamin tablets, Vembu
Kashayams, oils, balms, he come back from the medical shop he showcased himself
as if he purchased the grocery items for the house. But one day, he was so sick
and I got him to hospital. Looking after the tablets, Doctor shouted at him, if
you had these many medicines then you don’t have to eat food.
Later I spoke with my father, why did he has so many
medicines. He said, after coming to Bangalore, he had digestion issues, walking
is helpful but he can’t walk for daily basis. He felt energetic if he had these
tablets. He had leg pain and sometimes he is losing his memory too. I observed
that, these problems he mentioned it’s not permanent to him, it is temporary
for only little number of days, but he is taking tablets in permanent basis.
Too many tablets makes his life worse.
While I changed my home, in new place I have some place for
garden. At old home we had some place for gardening, but I don’t have any purpose
to nurture my gardening skills. In this new home, I took permission from our new
house owner to plant the herbs and medicinal plants & with a full smile he
given the approval. While I am researching I got these plants, Tulasi, German
Chamomile, Gotukola, Lemon Grass, French marigold and Madhumalti. We will talk
about German Chamomile later, talking about Madhumalti, I bought this plant from
online. I found that, there are some grass growing near to this plant which are
getting stronger, sharper & taller than Madhumalti plant, I started pulling
out these grass which are grown near to this plant and Madhumalti started
growing safely.
Whenever my father has digestion issue, I took some of the
Madhumalti leaves, laung and Krishna Tulasi leaves (btw, I have only choice to
choose Krishna Tulasi that’s why I brought Krishna Tulasi leaves into this). I
boiled water and spread these three things on it, filtered for sediments and
gave to my father to drink at morning. He said, that day it’s wonderful to him.
Whenever he had digestion issue, he started asking for this water. This also
helps him to control diabetes. It shows in the recent results also. I found
that Madhumalti roots are good for treating rheumatism. Leaves for treating fever.
If you’re growing these plants at home, beautiful flowers brings good ambience
to your mood. Gargling fruits decoction helpful in treating tooth aches. Seeds helps
destroying the intestinal worms. After seeing the results, Doctor also happy
that we are treating diabetes in a natural way. Please consult your doctor
before you’re taking these medicines.

There are various goodness from this plant. Nothing stopped me
from growing this wonderful plant. We just required lower than a square feet to
grow Madhumalti and it’s a creeper. Also this plant is limited to India, Africa and
APAC regions. Also called as Madhumalati, Rangoon Creeper, Chinese honey suckle etc., There are many plants makes our life easier. Currently I am
having some experience with Gotukola, Karela (Bitter gourd), Lemon Grass,
Pirandai (Adamant Creeper) will share you later.

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