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Scotland Yard – The Police History

When I am in school, I am fascinated with the story of Richard who is initially villain for Scotland Yard. How he escapes from law and he is always escapes with Scotland Yard. That is the first time I heard about Scotland yard, then my teacher explained about the Scotland yard, that is the world’s… Continue reading Scotland Yard – The Police History

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To be or not to be – Scotland

Scotland has a mixed culture of medieval and modern. From Bronze age through the Celtic civilization it provide rich culture from the famous people. Celtic civilization people normally found at England, Scotland, France, Spain & Portugal. Rome scriptures still prescribes the bravery of Caledonians (Scotland people). Later it got separated by Pictish, Gael, Vikings etc.,… Continue reading To be or not to be – Scotland

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Gibraltar, British in Spain border

In 11th century to 15th century Gibraltar was a permanent settlement for Arabs and Moroccans. North part of Africa always had an Islamic feelings, where Gibraltar had a strait to connect with the Africa. Mosques and Forts are built in these times. Before Suez Canal, Gibraltar Naval port and dock widely used for EXIM activities.… Continue reading Gibraltar, British in Spain border