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Che Guevara – Pt 10 (End)

He went to Soviet Union and met Nikita Khrushchev. He also got advice from Soviet Union and he implemented material incentives to labors to increase Sugar production in Cuba. When he came back in 1965, he is ready to resign his all positions and to fight against imperialism. Soviet Union against the interests of Che,… Continue reading Che Guevara – Pt 10 (End)

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Che Guevara – Pt 9

When US campaigned against these tribunals, Fidel counterattacked in media stating that Nuremburg trials against Germany and Nazis. Also, the news of Batista’s regime came out which their accounts in now Television, News, Radio, Magazines etc., Then their new government formed and Fidel as their leader. Gadea accepted divorcing Che and Che got married Aleida.… Continue reading Che Guevara – Pt 9

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Che Guevara – Pt 8

Guevara convinced various leaders to fight against Batista’s government. All the respective leaders are accepted to fight against government. They publicly harassed Batista’s dictatorship and gone to communications sets to tell about the revolution and Batista’s dictatorship. But Batista called for the elections, where Fidel believed this election might corrupted. So he asked citizens to… Continue reading Che Guevara – Pt 8

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Che Guevara – Pt 6

When he know about the United Fruit Company which ruled Guatemala he criticized New Yorkers as a ‘gringos’ Yankees. He started to hate US military and UN which forcing to rule the other boundaries. In Mexico Hilda and Ernesto got married and he met Raul Castro. He was convinced for armed struggle, since Cuba or… Continue reading Che Guevara – Pt 6

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Che Guevara – Part 5 (Back on the Road)

After he returned to the Argentina, he undertook remaining courses and completed his exams. He gained medical degree in 1953. He still want to know about Inca, Aztec and Mayan culture more and more. It deepens in his heart. Also he want to know the social, political and economic conditions of South American continent. In… Continue reading Che Guevara – Part 5 (Back on the Road)

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Che Guevara – Part 4 (Motorcycle Diaries)

As I said Earlier, the person who discovers the world, discovers himself. The same feeling might be Che felt so. His companion for this long drive is Alberto Granada. He is the Cuban biochemist & doctor at the time of travel. I personally felt that this travel is like Gandhi travelling all around India and… Continue reading Che Guevara – Part 4 (Motorcycle Diaries)