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Karl Marx – Part 5 – The Holy Family – Pt1

The Holy Family or Critique of Critical Critique. Against Bruno Bauer and Co. This is the first book where Engels and Marx worked jointly. Marx and Engels expected mass change in society. He implemented the idea of “Man should free himself”, capitalism, labor, proletarians, Critical battle against French materialism, his philosophy of West-European materialism, etc.,… Continue reading Karl Marx – Part 5 – The Holy Family – Pt1

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Karl Marx – Part 4

He always had a democratic sympathies, he told that government should take a decision democratically and genuine basis. Also he blasted over the media that ridicules the capacities of intellectual. At the same time Bruggemann given an ideology of free trade in the collaboration with Marx. Marx made young Hegelians to tone down from Rhineland… Continue reading Karl Marx – Part 4

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Das Kapital – Karl Marx

While yesterday I started reading this book with much expectations. But it never failed to impress me with social ideas. Das Kapital book written by Karl marx a socialist along with Levitsky and Engels. The first edition of the book was not pretty good. The ideologies are not well explained. Sooner or later Levitsky and… Continue reading Das Kapital – Karl Marx