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Is UK did what Russia did for Crimea

Couple of days before I posted about the Scotland and UK. One of the visitor who visited my blog and said, the young voters who voted against the unification of Scotland and Britain. He also shown some statistics that youngsters are more keen to be separated. Also insisted that youngsters are tomorrow’s citizens, it is… Continue reading Is UK did what Russia did for Crimea

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The Amber City – Kaliningrad

Kaliningrad is geographically separated from Russia, and it is situation between, Lithuania and Poland. Earlier Kaliningrad is part of East Prussia (Sambians) then its dominated by Germans (Konigsberg). It had Polish and Lithuanian as minorities. When Germany started the WWII, Russia wants to show their strength and captured the Konigsberg through Red Army. The assault… Continue reading The Amber City – Kaliningrad

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Crimea and Ukraine Crisis

Ukraine is the country which faced many wars in the past. Especially wars with Mongols, Turks and Polish. Initially this land was ruled by Sumerians and Scythians joined them. They forcefully changed their religion by the Vikings. Later Bolsheviks joined the war, the clans of Cosecs, Tatars, Polish & Bolsheviks (Red) are created. Ukraine land… Continue reading Crimea and Ukraine Crisis