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VMWare Site Recovery Manager

One of my friend called from Chennai, told that he attended the interview and shared his experience on the same. One of the question asked in interview is about SRM (Site Recovery Manager). I started explaining about the pre-requisites for migration between two sites. Thought of providing some notes on SRM, Site Recovery Manager: It… Continue reading VMWare Site Recovery Manager

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How to Connect Fibre Channel Storage

Fibre Channel Storage ESX supports Fibre Channel adapters, which allow a host to connect to a SAN and see storage devices on the SAN. You must install Fibre Channel (FC) adapters before the host can access FC storage devices. Fibre Channel Storage depicts virtual machines using Fibre Channel storage. Fibre Channel Storage In this configuration, an ESX host connects… Continue reading How to Connect Fibre Channel Storage

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VMware Software-Defined Data Center

VMware Software-Defined Data CenterWhat You Get Dramatically higher efficiency and lower costs. Virtualized IT services and automated operations management drive new levels of resource utilization and staff productivity. Application provisioning in minutes. Policy-based configuration lets you deliver workloads in minutes, with resource levels automatically adjusted to meet continually changing business demands. The right availability and… Continue reading VMware Software-Defined Data Center

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Introduction to Oracle Virtual box

Introducing the Oracle virtual box just like a VMware workstation edition or even more. In this video we can learn about setting up the virtual machine in Virtual box. Also we can learn the settings like providing the CPU cores, basics of networking, assigning the hardware to the logical (virtual) machine. This video shows the… Continue reading Introduction to Oracle Virtual box

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Introduction to Hyper V

We teach you how to setup Hyper V for Virtulization on Windows Server R2 and explain some of the tasks that are easy to miss.Install Hyper V:-Server Manager-Manage-Add Roles and Features-Hyper VManage Hyper V– Server Manager– Tools-Hyper V Manager Create Virtual Switch before you create a Virtual Machine. If you are new just make the… Continue reading Introduction to Hyper V

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vSphere distributed switch

In this segment we can learn about the features of vSphere distributed switchLayers of networking, VLAN segmentation, tagging, NIC teaming, traffic shaping, port blocking, Private VLANS, load base, Network vMotions, Datacenter-level management, vNetwork switch APIs, per-port policy settings, port state monitoring etc., Hope you like this video. from Blogger via IFTTT