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This is the best innings – According to Sachin

My best knock was vs Pak in 2003 World Cup: Tendulkar. Sachin speaks about his career threatening injury and much more to CNN-IBN. Sachin regard this inning as his best in one day internationals. it was a much awaited match against Pakistan, a very good bowling side which include the likes of Wasim Akram, Waqar… Continue reading This is the best innings – According to Sachin

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Sachin’s Top 10 best innings

Here we go arranging top 10 innings of Sachin from my point of view 10. Debut Century http://ift.tt/13PttTH 9. 137 vs Srilanka http://ift.tt/13Ptua0 8. vs Australia, Test Match http://ift.tt/13PtsPs 7. vs Australia in Bengaluru http://ift.tt/1E9Rtvx 6. vs Australia in Australia http://ift.tt/1E9Rr6V 5. vs in IPL http://ift.tt/1E9RtvB 4. 200 vs South Africa http://ift.tt/1E9Rr72 3. vs England… Continue reading Sachin’s Top 10 best innings

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Playing it my way – Sachin Tendulkar

I think this book could be the hallmark book for Indian cricket fans. Sachin tendulkar is demi god for many Indians. In 90’s I was told that couple of youngsters are making debut in Indian cricket. One is Kambli and another one is Sachin Tendulkar. That time, fan craze are with Kapil Dev. He got… Continue reading Playing it my way – Sachin Tendulkar