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Karl Marx – 11 – The Poverty of Philosophy Pt 2

In 17th Century the population of UK is 15 million and productive population is 3 million. The productive population ratio shows there is about 12 million individuals more. In 18th century UK’s population is about 30 million and productive population is about 6 million. English society acquires about 2700 percent of productivity which equals for… Continue reading Karl Marx – 11 – The Poverty of Philosophy Pt 2

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Karl Marx – Part 6 – The Holy Family – Pt3

In this book clearly states that criticism comes out of its step of comfortable criticism. Comparing with the worldly matters and criticizing gives even more enlightenment. Regarding to the Pharaoh where god didn’t enlightened him with the truth. Criticism will objects and opposes itself. It will isolates itself from everything. Religion and its practices will… Continue reading Karl Marx – Part 6 – The Holy Family – Pt3

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Karl Marx – Part 4

He always had a democratic sympathies, he told that government should take a decision democratically and genuine basis. Also he blasted over the media that ridicules the capacities of intellectual. At the same time Bruggemann given an ideology of free trade in the collaboration with Marx. Marx made young Hegelians to tone down from Rhineland… Continue reading Karl Marx – Part 4

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Karl Marx – Part 3

Post-Doctoral dissertation, he went to Prussia and he continued to write to young Hegelians. Bruno Bauer another Hegelian writing thesis about newly born secularism. He believed that Christianity is the worst religion and it’s created by Jews. Bauer completely criticized Hegel’s book of Phenomenology of Spirit, which created rave in the University of Berlin.  … Continue reading Karl Marx – Part 3

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Karl Marx – Part 2 (Hegelian)

Karl Marx greatly adored by the Hegel’s Philosophy, then himself he called as Hegelian. Hegel has the theory of humanity and dialects. Hegel followed the footsteps of Socrates. Hegel become the teacher to Marx in the Berlin University, about 20 years of age Karl Marx become a revolutionist having new ideas. Hegel written the books… Continue reading Karl Marx – Part 2 (Hegelian)

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Capitalism and Socialism – Video

This is how socialism looks in the first and second world. Seems like this is a crash course from US telling us, how socialism is. “Karl Marx ideas are not fully told”, “Karl Marx changed the capitalism idea”, whatever, I am going to do some research on this, will deliver it soon. Of course from… Continue reading Capitalism and Socialism – Video